Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Life as a teenage mum

people often question how I cope being a teenage mum, its not a question of how to cope it is adapting your life to put a baby first in every matter and in all situations. I'm told I've ruined my life  when in reality I haven't It just means if I have plans I must think of Ellis first other girls my age would think of what shoes to wear to a party first but I would think can anyone mind Ellis tonight? and if not me and Kevin have a party of our own with our bubbly baby its not the end of the world were 17 there are plenty of other occasions to have fun our life is far from over it has just begun.

Life as a teenage mum isn't all fun and games for example if you choose to stay in education they are not so understanding to baby doctor appointments ect all the other students put education first were as you put your baby first as well as college concerns there is also 'friends' many so called friends will climb up your ass during pregnancy but vanish once your baby is born and your real friends will have to understand your baby comes first which can be hard for them.

My life consists of feeding Ellis changing Ellis and playing with him which can be exhausting but its so fun at times it can be stressful but It's great to see him smile giggle and develop I can't begin to explain how much my baby has changed he's shouting, giggling, smiling, attempting to sit up and trying to crawl life as a teenage mum has its benefits your fitter and have allot more energy than older mums also you have your early 30's to look forwards to the birds leaving the nest most mums have kids until late 40's so more 'you' time in the long run! and of course with the good comes the bad other older mums often will snarl you and give you funny looks because of your age allot of society with stereotype's you a slag, whore , slut , benefit scrounger the lot when in reality I've had one intimate partner Kevin! and I don't even claim benefits! I also had my milk tokens taken of me because all of a sudden 'I'm not entitled so how am I a benefit scrounger when Kevin works and pays for everything for me and the baby!

so If your a pregnant young mum get ready for the world to hate you I laugh and look away wait until I'm 35 with no ratty 11 year old or whatever haha!

Also don't expect allot of support from the community its a load of bull-shit whats on offer drug users and alcoholics get more support but ''thats just the way it is''

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Review Of NYX Jumno Pencil In Milk

today I'm going to share my thoughts on NYX jumbo pencil in milk because I'm from the uk I had to purchases it of Ebay so I got milk, black bean and cottage cheese from a Irish seller for £12 and I'm so happy I did almost everyday I use milk as it is an excellent eyeshadow base it allows eyeshadow to stick and not crease it dose not budge I can get drunk go asleep and wake up with perfect eyeshadow! disgusting that I just admitted that but hey ho when I'm drunk there is no way to wake me up!

Price ★  £12 

although I'm not sure on the general retail price on ebay they are around £5 which is a bargain price to me for a multi purpose eyeshadow stick 


excellent quality creamy easy to blend holds eyeshadow really well..


I would 100% recommend this to a friend it is a must have in every girls make-up bag

Friday, 10 May 2013

how do we achieve that smokey sexy dark eyeshadow? many people can't do this eyeshadow they end up looking like a panda... my tips for how to do this are followed..

don't go overboard on the black eye shadow play it cool you don't want to look like you've got a black eye now do you?

always start with a white or silver base a light colour is so much easier to blend and control it is much harder to blend black and lighten it up.

use celotape to define edges it gives a sharp edge which gives you such a defined eye 

cover the eye in silver then using a dark grey cover half the lid then using a darker colour blend into crease and on the outer edge of the eye

use concealer under the brows to defined them

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Review Soap & Gloary scrub your nose in it!

long time no see...

I'm back to write more reviews today I will be review the soap & gloary notorious 'scrub your nose in it'

This is an excellent product I have used this time and time again not constant but if I go into boots It's one thing at the top of my list . The product its self is minty and re-refreshing and you can feel your face tightening  you can use it as a scrub or a mask or both it clears acne up a treat to and its one of the best facial items I have used that has not irritated my skin.

PRICE £7.50  ☆ - compared to competitors this could seem pricey but it is well worth the say £2 extra as it lasts for ages because you only use a pea sized amount

Quality ★ - 5 star I'd be impressed If I could find a product that matched this excellent quality!

Recommend? ★ - I would 100% recommend this product

Wednesday, 6 February 2013 review

As I recently gave birth to a newborn I was looking for ways to keep him close to enable me to carry on college work at home without having to worry about my son this is when I discovered the Kari me baby wrap online there is a huge market now for ''baby wraps'' but unlike its competitors the Kari me baby wrap can hold a weight of 15kg and evenly distribute the weight so you don't hurt your back.

Also unlike its competitors it is reversible and able to change into 4 different positions I personally prefer the 'cuddly' position which enables baby Ellis to snuggle me while I do washing, dishes , clean and walk around which is extremely handy.


Price £44.95 ★★★☆☆
I have given price 3/5 because in reality £45 for a piece of cloth is quiet expensive although it is a worth while investment as it lasts until the child is 3 years old.

Quality ★★★★★
I have given the 'Kari me' baby wrap 5 stars as it has excellent quality it is 90%+ cotton and great for baby's with sensitive skin its machine washable and strong the material is also strechy which makes creating each sling easy.

Recommend? ★★★★☆
I would recommend this product for the majority of new parents even though it takes a while to get the hang of it is a worth while investment

although the kari me baby wrap is quiet complicated to follow at first and not very trendy there are 7 different colours to choose from and a free guide of how to create each sling which is excellent and easy to follow

for further information on this product head to

example of sling in use:

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


my due date was 24/01/13 but on the 19/01/13 I started having contractions they were  irregular throughout the day but became more regular in the evening so I went the hospital to get checked but I was only 1cm dilated so they gave me codeine & sent me home.

I got home around 11:00pm and got a bath this made my contractions a lot stronger and at 2:00am on the 20/01/13 I could not bear the pain any longer so we went back to the hospital at this point I was panicking about the pain they checked me and I was 2-3cm dilated so they let me stay I wasn't in labor but they give me dia-morphine to relax me & help me sleep I didn't sleep but it relaxed me although this drug slows down labor and makes baby sleepy.

In the morning things began to progress by 1'0 clock I was 5cm dilated the pain became really strong so I requested gas & air but gave it back after 5 minuets because ''I don't need this women squat in fields in Africa  is what I told the midwife I really disliked the gas and air so I requested the birthing pool but unforchantly it was in use so I made the midwives get a empty room with a bath in and fill it I then crawled down the ward to the room...

I was in the bath for 1 hour & 20 minuets and my contractions were really strong and when I had to get out to be checked I had gone from 5 to 10 in two hours.

I was 10cm at 3:00pm and after lots of pushing the baby was born at 6:24pm on 20/01/13 Kevin was an emotional mess crying constantly he cut the cord and the midwives then discovered that my uterus wouldn't contract properly after the baby was born and I had internal cuts which caused me to loose over a pint of blood I was rushed away from my baby and surrounded by doctors who were debating to take me to surgery they gave me 7 needles before stitching my internal wounds and helping my uterus contract this made my hospital stay 48 hours :( but I got to spend lots of time with the baby :)

I felt as if I missed vital skin-to-skin contact because he was snatched away after minuets so as so as soon as  I got him I couldn't put him down.

many people told me the ''horror'' stories of labor I could of died but It was amazing and It surprised me how well I coped with the pain our bodies are designed to do this....

Time of Birth : 6:24pm
Baby's weight : 7lb 8oz
Due date: 24/01/13
Birth date: 20/01/13
Baby's Name: Ellis Doyle

Thursday, 17 January 2013

39th week of pregnancy

Today I am 39 weeks pregnant :0 only 1 week until my dd!
I have been suffering with constant back ache which makes sleep extremely difficult and standing for long periods of time this makes me grumpy so I am trying to rest as much as possible but I've got the urge to do everything if the kitchen isn't clean I have to clean it even if it puts me in pain this makes me feel physically and emotionally drained at times but I also feel good after cleaning or getting things ready for the baby as there is not long left now.

Wednesday night I thourght I was going into labor after having intense Braxton hicks contractions but since then I've had few mild contractions but nothing major and they've seemed to have dissapeared.

I had my last antenatal appointment in the hospital on Tuesday which went well measured perfect baby had a very strong heart beat the midwive was pleased the appointment was also followed with a tour which was great it just has made me ridiculously excited

Now its just a waiting game the is no telling when you will go into labor and I can't see my baby coming anytime soon but you never no....